Using Video in Counselling & Communication [ GROUP PURCHASE ]

CE Credits: 3 

Course Access: 72 Hours

A half-day webinar recording that will introduce you to critical ethical, practical and clinical aspects of using video in communicating with clients at a distance.


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Learning outcomes include:

  • how the functioning of the internet impacts your choice of a platform
  • key issues to address in initial video sessions
  • what to know when entering the client’s home virtually
  • taking care of you when working online

The BCACC team is incredibly excited to have obtained the rights to offer this webinar at a reasonable rate to help you to navigate the various considerations that surround this complex topic.

About the Presenter:

Lawrence Murphy has been doing therapy online since the 1990’s and is well published in the area.

He has developed teaching programs to help therapists work online in ways that are compassionate, skilled and ethical. He’s an amazing communicator and a master of the ins and outs of ethical and skilled online communication and counselling.


  • Please note that this video was recorded on April 28, 2020. We do not guarantee that the information contained is current or applies to your situation. If in doubt you must seek clinical consultation.
  • This webinar does not provide legal advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional legal advice, or counsel. Never ignore professional legal advice because of something in this webinar. If you require legal advice please contact a lawyer.
  • This webinar is provided for your benefit, alone. You are purchasing the right to stream the video for a period of 72 hours. You do not have the right, either expressed or implied, to download this webinar or use it for any purpose beyond your own education.