Panel Discussion on Domestic Violence during Covid

The BCACC was honoured to have our inaugural webinar conversation on the timely topic of Domestic Violence during Covid. The discussion was facilitated by Maureen McEvoy and featured Tracy Porteous, Susan Robinson and Kristi Yuris. You can check out all of their bios below to learn more about them.

And because there were so many links and resources shared, we’ve included as many of those as possible below on this page.

If you would like to connect directly with either Tracy Porteous or Kristi Yuris here is their contact information:

Tracy Porteous
Kristi Yuris

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24 hour information and referral to a local victim service program.

Victim Services in B.C. – Ministry of Justice

Provides information about all victim services programs offered throughout B.C. This website will help you find community-based and police-based programs in your area.

Ending Violence Association of B.C.

Provides information sheets about third party reporting and community-based and police-based programs.

They also have great privacy resources available as well.

Understanding ICAT:
An Interagency Case Assessment Team (ICAT) is a partnership of local agencies, including police, child welfare, health, social service, victim support, and other organizations. This group responds to referrals of suspected highest risk domestic violence cases with an aim to increase safety.

provides information about reporting sexual or domestic assault. This website also provides information and support to victims and witnesses of crime.

BCACC was so grateful to have the following panelists taking part in this conversation.

Maureen McEvoy, RCC (IMAGO Vancouver), Trauma Educator

Maureen has been working in the field of trauma and anti-violence for 30 years. She has written several books and articles including Balancing conflicting interests: A counsellor’s guide to the legal process (2013) and Best Practices Manual for Stopping the Violence Counselling Programs (2006) with Maggie Ziegler. 

Tracy Porteous, RCC; Executive Director, Ending Violence Association of British Columbia

Tracy first became involved in the anti–violence field over 30 years ago as a crisis line volunteerEVA BC is a provincial association that supports over 220 anti-violence programs across BC who specialize in responding to sexual and domestic violence, child abuse and stalking.

Kristi Yuris, Program Manager, Community Coordination for Women’s Safety (CCWS), EVA BC

Kristi has worked in the feminist anti-violence and legal advocacy communities for over 20 years.

Susan Robinson, Regional Domestic Violence Unit (Saanich/Victoria)

Sue Robinson has worked in the field of Family Violence for over 30 years. She has worked as a Transition House Counsellor, in Seniors Second Stage Housing, delivered public education and training, facilitated men’s treatment programs and most recently become a subject matter expert on strangulation in domestic violence. For the past 15 years she has worked as a community-based Victim Support Worker, in the courthouse for 5 years and since 2010 as a founding member of the Regional Domestic Violence Unit based out of the Saanich Police Department.