Reply To: Video & Phone Sessions

  • Fay Ferris

    August 8, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    I am using AdraCare which is a Canadian Company(Toronto) designed by techie people specifically for Tele-Health including Counselling. It is Compliant with all Canadian Privacy Laws (PIPA FOIPA PIPEDA) and servers are in Canada, it has very high end to end encryption (like a bank). While it’s not free (I think there is a free month to try it out), it is only $14/month for unlimited video counselling. (Premium $39) I have been using it for months and they continue to upgrade the product and I am very happy with it. You can also send secure messages! I did an enormous amount of research on this topic. You can also do confidential calls through the system. (Although I have never tried that). It is really easy to use too.