Reply To: Connect with other Region 2 Members

  • Crystal Daigneault

    April 29, 2022 at 8:19 am

    Hi Tammy,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to connect with me. Being a new graduate and new member, I’m only experiencing the counselling community in the context of COVID. I’m so glad to hear there were different ways that local counsellors could connect pre-pandemic and I hope there will be a return to that in the future when the pandemic is not such a presence in our lives. Have RCCs found a way to do virtual cafes at all through zoom, or is everyone feeling zoomed out?

    As I’m just starting out on my journey I’ve not yet had any couples seek me out, but I developed a social-relational approach to working with couples experiencing postnatal depression that blends response-based theory, narrative therapy and some Gottman theory. Thank you for sharing that info with me, I am quite interested in the Bader-Pearson model as those I know in the field have really great things to say about it.

    I was not able to attend the recent families, family breakdown and the law training, there just wasn’t room in my budget; however, I certainly recognize the value of it especially when couples and family counselling is one’s main area of practice.

    In your experience, what has been the most useful or valuable training that you have taken? I see there is a lot available and it can be challenging to choose, so what advice might you have for a new member about deciding what to take?