Reply To: Connect with other Region 2 Members

  • Tammy Van Hinte

    April 29, 2022 at 6:08 am

    Hi Crystal,

    So great to meet you. It really can be a lonely profession that’s for sure. Community matters. We used to meet in person once a month for cafe’s and it really helped. Now there are some good trainings online which is great for learning, but not as good for meeting others. Did you attend the training that BCACC just put on regarding Family Law. That was a really successful event. It felt strange and exciting to be in person again. There was a pub night as well which was really fun.

    I see you work with couples. What couples therapy modality do you use? I’m a training junkie and I’ve taken most models, but work primarily in the Bader Pearson Model. This model has a community membership and since I joined it in 2017 I have not felt that feeling of isolation that you mentioned. Here’s a link if you are curious:

    Thanks for reaching out. I think this e-connect thing is so awesome.