Reply To: sit in on counselling/group session?

  • Eliane

    February 23, 2023 at 5:12 pm

    In the first case you would need a release of information from all the group participants about the counsellors sitting in and watching and they would need to know the rationale. I doubt a therapist would get agreement from all the participants on this even if the counsellor agreed ethically to this practice. In the second case, i.e. one on one sessions, this is more reasonable. I often provide one on one counselling with someone else in the room for various reasons – training, instruction, in vivo clinical supervision, transferring of client from me to the person, a parent, or other service provider as a co-therapist if the client agrees in writing. In the second case you must give instructions very clearly ahead. Do you want this person to remain quiet and be a simple observer. Do you want a co-therapist. Do you want a mini reflecting team? Do you want feedback after the client leaves? etc. You have to have enough experience to manage the sessions so that the session is not hijacked or that you and the other therapist are careful not to become two “experts’ for one client. Experts are not helpful in therapy; two experts are even more painful for the client! In your case I suspect that what this organization really needs is to provide training to these therapists and one on one or group coaching about the expectations.