Reply To: We invite you to take a moment to introduce yourself.

  • Tammy Van Hinte

    January 5, 2022 at 11:08 am

    Hi Santina, I like your website. The photos are great and it is laid out in a way that feels welcoming and not overwhelming. Good luck with launching your private practice.

    I live in Victoria and I’ve been an RCC since 2017. Have you heard of the book Rainforest Mind? I think I have a Rainforest Mind so that book really spoke to me. I heard of it from a colleague who specializes in neurodiversity.

    I tried to reply to your message sooner but I just got a new computer and this new one didn’t remember my BCACC password so I had to work that out. I think this platform is amazing. I don’t know why more of us are not connecting on it. I’m glad to meet you and I wish you the best in getting your practice off the ground. It looks like you have a lot of experience and knowledge so I’m sure that will be an asset. I am trained as a family mediator as well as a counsellor and when I started my mediation practice I quickly realized : “This is a business and I don’t know much about business”. I joined Business Victoria and taught myself about business to get my practice launched. When I became a counsellor I just added counselling to my already stable business. I’m sure you will find your way too. Best of luck to you.