Hello fellow therapists!

  • Hello fellow therapists!

    Posted by Wayne Dykstra on September 29, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    Hello BCACC community. My name is Wayne Dykstra, I’m new to BC and became BCACC member in July. My wife and I (a therapist as well) closed our private practice in Seattle when we moved up to Vancouver on August 1st. We are working on building our practice here, and would love some guidance from the community.

    The Washington State (and US more generally) system is quite different than BC. So, I was wondering if folks could give me a sense for the landscape here. Aside from finding client’s who are able to pay out-of-pocket, where should I start in my effort to get on approved lists of providers for folks wanting to avail of supplementary benefits like EAP, for example. I have a dear friend who found a therapist through the provincial autism support network, for example.

    Does anyone have a sense for where to start with all of this? I spoke with someone at an organization called Lifeworks – but they were quite vague about what they did overall. I’d love to know if there is a comprehensive “map” of how one aligns with the different insurance, benefits, support organizations through which our future client’s will go to ensure therapy is accessible and affordable.

    Apologies for taking this question to this forum, I figured I should reach out to the BCACC community when doing my own research has hit a wall.

    Thanks everyone – looking forward to connecting more with the local (East Vancouver, Vancouver) therapist community.

    Wayne Dykstra, PhD, MA, RCC, LMHS (WA State)


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