Follow up Resources from Dr. Kolmes

  • Follow up Resources from Dr. Kolmes

    Posted by Marcy McCabe on July 30, 2021 at 1:15 pm

    Dr. Kolmes has sent us the Coaching paper by Eric Harris to address the questions that surfaced around differences in Coaching and Counselling.

    They have also provided us with an answer to the question of whether the Gershengoren study participants reported any embarrassment over their online search behavior. That was not a question asked by the researcher.

    The reference and the abstracted are below:


    Objective: This is a pilot study which assesses the beliefs of psychiatric professionals

    regarding obtaining patient information via the Internet as well as the frequency

    with which they do it in a variety of clinical settings.

    Methods: Psychiatry faculty and residents were asked to participate in an anonymous

    online survey about their use of the search engine Google to find information

    about their patients. Data were analyzed with Microsoft Excel.

    Results: The participants included 48 faculty and 34 residents (118 faculty and

    44 residents were surveyed) with response rates of 41% and 77%, respectively.

    Majority of attending physicians and residents reported engaging in patient-targeted

    googling with no significant difference between the groups. Residents were most likely

    to search for patient information online in the psychiatric emergency room (45%).

    Psychiatric emergency room (36.8%) and private practice (31.6%) were notable clinical

    settings for obtaining further patient information on the Internet for the faculty.When

    describing reasons for engaging in patient-targeted googling, “patient care” was cited

    about twice as often as “curiosity” in the psychiatric emergency room, whereas

    “curiosity” and “patient care” were reasons mentioned in other clinical settings. In

    general, neither faculty nor residents report informing their patients of their Internet

    searches either before or after engaging in patient-targeted googling.

    Conclusion: This study raises important questions about education for trainees and

    faculty regarding patient-targeted googling.

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