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This is a space for Accredited Clinical Supervisors to connect and to join your community.

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  • Join a Community in Connection, where we virtually meet.
  • Stay connected with your peers in both of these private spaces, so that you have a way of communicating and connecting with other ACS.

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What is Community in Connection?

A new BCACC discussion space, offered to our RCC communities. Practicing in isolation can be hard and finding a supportive community of colleagues can be difficult, especially when you are trying to balance work, busy practices and life. 

BCACC is here to help.

We are excited to announce a new virtual gathering space – Community in Connection.

BCACC already offers online forums for communities and we encourage you to join any of those groups that are relevant for you.

But this new offering takes those a step further by offering a virtual Zoom-discussion space to meet one another and connect. 

This is your opportunity to connect with like-minded peers for meaningful conversations and support.